Selection of works

  • Solo performance created and danced by Lidia Wos.
    Premiere 2019-10-06, Simrishamn, Sweden
    Available for touring

  • Dance films created in co-operation with Company E in Washington DC.

  • A piece for eight dancers created on commission from Skånes Dansteater.
    Premiere in Seoul, Korea, 2019-03-29

  • Site specific solo originally created to be a part of RoomX. Premiered in Malmö 2018-04-10. Available for touring.

  • Dance piece inspired by the Swedish ”fika” or Brittish ”five o’clock tea”. Available as a solo or as a trio. The trio was premiered in Hagfors, Sweden, 2017-12-05, the solo was premiered in Malmö, Sweden, 2018-01-19.

  • Dance theatre inspired by the poetry of Nobel prize awarded Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska.
    Premiere in Malmö, Sweden 2016-10-06. Available for touring.

  • Dance performance created for RTV Dance and Bohuslän Big Band. Premiered in Borås, Sweden, on September 1st 2017. Re-staged during the spring 2019 with a new premiere in Uddevalla, Sweden, on April 2nd.

  • A dance-Theatre-Concert about the darkest and brightest moments of love. Co-production between Skånes Dansteater and Malmö Opera
    Premiere in Ystad 2015-02-14.

  • Part of a production called Sju gånger sju (Seven times seven) at Norrdans in which seven choreographers were invited to make their own interpreatation of the Finnish national epos Seven Brothers by Aleksis Kivi
    Premiere in Härnösand, Sweden 2014-06-20

  • The piece was originally created for Skånes Dansteater and was premiered in Malmö, Sweden 2011-08-31.
    In 2015 Lidia was making a new adaption of the piece for Company E in Washington, USA that was premiered at Kennedy Center, Washington 2016-03-16

  • Lidia Wos has made choreography for professional dance companies as well as for dramatic theatre. In her repertory she has works that are available for touring as well as for re-staging on commission. The pieces presented on this side is a selction of Lidia Wos previous work.