Antarktis (Antarctica) is a piece that Lidia created for six dancers from RTV Dance and 15 musicians from Bohuslän Big Band. The premiere was held in Borås, Sweden on Septamber 1st 2017. It was mainly performed for children in the age between 9 and 12 years.

The inspiration to the performance comes from Antarcica. In the cold and harsh landscape of Antarctica we meet a number of peculiar and odd habitants. Their characteristics are conected to each other through different stories. Stories that are brought to Life and reminds us of Another reality. But hopefully we can also recognze ourselves in them. In the performance we meet, among others, a lonely dancing narwahl, a pinguin and a walrus in a love duet, a trio of polar bears, a small baby birds first attempt to fly and a lost polar scientist. We might not recognize them at first sight, but after some time we will be reminded of their presence. The movements from the dancers brings Life to the charachters and together with the Music from Bohuslän Big Band, the perofrmance becomes a dance trip full of musicality, joy and humor.

Choreography: Lidia Wos
Music: Paula Ward af Malmberg
Set and costume: Tomas Sjöstedt
Light design: Ida Gustafsson