I can’t remember – where, when and why?

”I can’t remember – where, when or why” consists of three chorographical attempts to find security and balance in a swirling universe. A lost character walking around to find her place in existence. A place that she can make her own. Where she can feel at home and find security.

The piece was first created as a site specific for RoomX in different theatre buidlings in Skåne. It can be adapted to almost any kind of building, venue or even outdoor space. The character in the piece is creating her own space from the conditions provided. It works best if it is placed in some kind of public area where the audience can walk around, but it is also possible to place the piece on a normal stage.

The duration can be anything between 25 minutes up to 2 hours.

Choreography and dance: Lidia Wos
Music: Monica Zetterlund, Marcin Brycki.
Artistic advisor: Robert Karlsson