Snapshots of a Crowd

Snapshots of a Crowd” is a piece for eight dancers created by Lidia on commission from Skånes Dansteater.

In ”Snapshots of a Crowd” Lidia want to bring the audience on a trip to her very own personal chorographical universe. A universe filled of twisted images, odd characters and peculiar situations. During approximately 40 minutes we will meet eight persons trying to understand the reality they have landed in. Through different images and tableaux we will follow their attempts to communicate and how they relate to each other, as individuals as well as members of a collective. How the urge to fit in to every prize and the fear of sticking out is competing with the need of freedom and the hunt for the precious feeling of being someone special.

Choreography: Lidia Wos
Dancers: Yiorgos Pelagias; Kit Brown, Kristian Refslund, Patrick Bragdell, Anna Borras/Filipa Miranda Amorin, Jing Yi Wang, Matthew Branham and Emma Välimäki
Music, sound design & voice coach: Anders Ortman
Costume & set design: Tomas Sjöstedt
Light design: Tobias Hagström-Ståhl
Rehearsal assistant: Belinda Nusser
Duration: 40 minutes
Premiere: 2019-03-29 in Seuol, Korea