Timo was created for Norrdans and their program Sju gånger sju (Seven times seven). Seven choreographers were invited to create a seven minute long piece each based on the characters in Aleksi Kivi’s novel Seven brothers,

”I wanted to create a real group piece where all the eight dancers had their own space. The same way I also wanted to show my brother, Timo, as an individual belonging to a bigger group. When I read the book I felt that the seven brothers were living in very close contact to the nature every hour and every day, In my choreography I wanted to catch the surrounding nature as well as some of the adventures the brothers shared during their lives.”

Choreography: Lidia Wos
7 minutes
Cast: 8 dancers and 2 musicians
Premiere: June 20, 2014, Härnösand, Sweden
Costume: Helle Carlsson
Music: Moonlight sonata by Beethoven, arranged and performed by Jesper Nordberg and Patrick Grundström

Re-staged in 2017 with a new premiere in Sundsvall, Sweden, 2017-06-06
Performed over 60 times all over Sweden and in Barcelona, Spain.