Don Quixote – Premiere at Skillinge Teater

It’s time for the premiere of Don Quixote 201.8 at Skillinge Teater. The performance is based on and inspired by the classic novel by Miguel Cervantes. Even if the novel was written in the 17th century it has a lot to say also in our time when it comes to dissecting power and injustices.  The director, Nils Peder Holm, wants to capture Don Quixote as a fighting person who wants to create a better world. The result is a lush, suggestive, experimental and energetic Don Quixote. Dance and choreography, humor and sorrow are mixed with superb acting and visual experiences.

Director: Nils Peder Holm
Choreographer: Lidia Wos
Light design: Illka Häikiö
Set design: Marta Cicionesi
Sound design: Jonas Åkesson
Costume design: Karin Lindahl Oscarsson
Dramaturgy/production: Karin Johansson-Mex

On stage: Boel Marie Larsson, David Weiss, Jonas Oscarsson, Matilda Dahl, Maela Patty Araoz and Kalle Löfqvist.

Premiere: June 22nd, 2018 at Skillinge Teater
Will be performed until August 11th 2018.