New production at Skillinge Teater

The co-operation between Lidia Wos and Peder Holm at Skillinge Teater will continue also for this year’s summer production. After last year’s performance ”Don Quixote 201.8” it will now be a performance in a smaller scale. It will be a piece called ”Bach, Brahms, my mother and I” and it will be centered around the actor/director Peder Holm and his relation to his mother. It raises questions about the fear of doing something wrong, performance anxiety, to not dare to try, the need to be creative even though you think you ”lack” the talent.

On his side on the stage Peder will also have a group of amateurs that wants to join him in dancing. Everyone that is interested in taking part of the performance is welcome to join for two workshops, May 26th and June 2nd. Lidia Wos will be responsible for the choreography of the piece. The premiere will be at Skillinge Teater outside Simrishamn in Skåne on June 21st.