Great review after Snapshots premiere

The first review arrived after the premiere of ”Snapshots of a crowd”. Malena Forsare from Sydsvenskan is impressed by the discipline as well as the beauty of the performance. In her reading of the piece she places the action and the characters at a theatre. From her understanding the dancers belong to a variety company that live their lives on stage and where props, costumes etc represents their daily bread. For Malena the piece raises questions about what a theatre is, how it is possible to understand the characters on stage and how they can get us to experience things that we didn’t know about, even if in some way maybe imagined us. The theatre is a house of fantasy, a ship of dreams and a embodied intellectual experiment.

Different parts of the body forms fantasies that sticks out from the picture, dancers walking on all four, a couple of spreading legs that pops up and form a victory V out of a crowd. The music of Anders Ortman has been integrated in a playful universe where the voices and breathing from the dancers create a lovely resonance. The co-operation between Lidia Wos and Anders Orman is something that Malena wants to see more of.

Lidia Wos is one of our finest surrealistic choreographers. There is seldom you find such a distinct sharpness in the images in contemporary dance as you find in this piece. It’s easy to get associations to Pina Bauch or Mats Ek, and some of the scenes would have worked as great motives for Magritte. It is beautiful and disciplined at the same time.”