Nice critics for Hjältar, gudar, monster

Lidia received consistently good reviews after the premier of Hjältar, gudar, monster (Heroes, Gods, Monsters) at Malmö Stadsteater.

”Lidia Wos is dancing her characters in her own choreography. It is really worth to keep an extra eye on her during the performance. For instance her dance version  of the escape of Ikaros”.
Björn Gunnarsson in Sydsvenskan

”The poetry in the perfromance get an extra lift through the dancer and choreographer Lidia Wos in her interpreation of the artist Daidalos. She forms wings to her son Ikaros and lifts the doll in a wonderful dance of freedom.”
Theresa Benér in Svenska Dagbladet

Photo: Emmalisa Pauly, Malmö Stadsteater