Municipal choreographer in Hagfors

Lidia Wos has been hired as a municipal choreographer in Hagfors, a small municipality in the region of Värmland in Sweden. The task is to bring the professional contemporary dance as an artform to the community. There are very few things specified in forehand and the prupose of the residency is not to create and present a ready performance. The only thing that is set, is that the municpiality wants Lidia to meet kids from the schools for pupils with special needs.

Three dancers are also employed in the project, Tove Klang, Tanja Tamminen and Sofia Wirzén. Lidia aims to create a real professional dance company during the weeks in Hagfors with proper daily traing and a schedule with space for a real creative process in which they can create small pieces that they can present on different ocations in Hagfors.