Because the day was sunny

Because the day was sunny is a dance theatre performance inspired by the Nobel Prize winning Wisława Szymborska’s poetry.

Based on her personal movement language Lidia Woś wants to invite the audience to her very own universe and a dance theatre performance filled with playfulness, details, humour and absurd twists.

Szymborska’s poetry and Lidia Woś choreography has many similarities. Both of them embraces the universal of being a human. They fetch their inspiration from the apparent pettiness of everyday life and they are anxious to have a personal dialogue with every single reader or spectator. They also share the same kind of subtle and surreal humour that always is present under the surface.

Even if there is a clear dramaturgy and “story” in the performance, it is not about illustrate or to make one specific interpretation of Szymborska’s poetry. The performance consists of many different layers and it is up to the audience to read their own story and to make their own interpretation from what they see.

…a minimalistic master piece filled with fantasy and ironic humour.”
“A dance theatre performance that crashes boundaries with its existential research of everyday life as well as the meaning of life using a vivid language, visual fantasy and a strong and true love to dance and poetry.”
Quotes from a Review by Ingela Brovik in

Choreography; Lidia Wos
Dancers: Lidia Wos, Jernej Bizjak and Javier Perez
Sound design: Marcin Brycki
Light design: Imre Zsibrik
Concept, set and costume: Lidia Wos and Robert Karlsson
Duration: 60 minutes
Premiere: 2016-10-06 in Malmö, Sweden

Available for touring. Contact Robert Karlsson, manager Lidia Wos Dance, for more booking and more information,, +46 (0)705 23 02 88,
The poetry included in the performance can be read in different languages; Swedish, English, Polish etc.