Online choreography for Company E

In May Lidia was supposed to work with the dancers from Company E in a studio in Washington DC to create a version of the piece Snapshots of a crowd that she originally created for Skånes Dansteater in Sweden. The premiere was planned in June at the Kennedy Centre in Washington. But because of the corona pandemic it was not possible. Lidia couldn’t travel to Washington and the dancers was not allowed to meet and work together in the studio. So instead of working with the dancers in the studio Lidia was offered to work with them online to create “something”. On April 27 they met the first time via Zoom, Lidia in her own living room in Malmö, Sweden, and 10 dancers locked in their own homes in Washington DC. The result three weeks later consisted of more than 500 short video clips with material that Lidia and the dancers created together. The material will later be used to produce short dance movies. The first release of the result will happen on June 14 in Company E’s online magazine On Cue.